An update from our Managing Director

24 Mar

What are Mosaic's current protocols?

Following the Prime Minister’s address yesterday evening, I’d like to update all our clients as to where we are and our current protocols. Since Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions was founded over ten years ago we’ve always strived to do the right thing, support our clients and provide safe and secure solutions and that is not going to change.

The website is clear with regards to the provision of Key Public Services which includes charities and we are providing vital banking facilities to many charities, many of whom have launched emergency appeals to support the most vulnerable in our society. We are committed to seeing that these vital funds reach the charities who have asked for our help. We have launched new measures in the post room to achieve this and we endeavour to maintain our commitment to you as best we can. We also support our clients in the distribution of Food and Other Necessary Goods and whilst many brick and mortar shops are ordered to shut their doors, our clients and your customers are relying on online orders. We are here to fulfil these orders as best we can throughout this crisis.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to escalate, we need to control matters as much as possible and keep Mosaic a safe working environment. The York House site is a remote location, in which the main staff use private transport to access the site.

The following protocols were discussed yesterday ahead of the Prime Minister’s address and are either already in place or being introduced as quickly as possible:

Post-Room and Banking
  • All data processors are working remotely via our secure infrastructure
  • Staff required to work onsite dealing with physical documents including opening or mail and scanning of documents are suitably spaced apart
  • The post room is to self contain, using a separate entrance and washroom facilities available
  • Nobody other than a member of the post room team is to enter the post room
IT Services
  • Our IT team can all access required systems remotely and securely and are currently working from home
  • IT staff are using the main entrance only
Client Services
  • The majority of our client service teams are working from home utilising our secure IT infrastructure, those onsite have adopted distance working via alternate desks and we are using weekly staff rotation
  • Staff onsite to use the main entrance only
Contact Centre
  • We are working with our telephony provider to install remote call handling supporting home working which we’ve been advised will be available by Friday this week
  • We’ve reduced staffing numbers to comply with the distancing guidelines, staff onsite are spaced out as required using alternate desks
  • Staff on-site to use the main entrance only
  • The size of the warehouse allows people to space out as required
  • Staff to use a dedicated entrance only
  • Nobody other than a member of the warehouse team to enter the warehouse
Print Room
  • People working onsite to space out as required
  • The print room is to self contain, use the side door only to enter and exit the building and washroom facilities available
  • Nobody to enter the print room unless necessary and adhere to keep a safe distance from co-workers
  • Finance can all access required systems remotely and are working from home
Company Directors
  • Alastair is working remotely whilst Duncan continues to remain onsite.

As the situation evolves we will endeavour to keep everyone updated via our social media channels and via our mailing list, if you haven’t already done so we urge you to subscribe for the latest updates here.

As always if you have any questions or require further clarity please do get in touch.

Best Regards,


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