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Finding an omnichannel partner who gives you a holistic view of every channel is paramount.

Conversations aren't incidents; they're relationships. If you choose Mosaic as your omnichannel partner, we can help you build better relationships with your customers or supporters.

Our omnichannel division is all about response. We ensure the right tone of voice (whether written or spoken) is used when we respond to eCommerce customers and charity supporters. Through our omnichannel approach, we can provide added value and allow you to strengthen your brand, equipping you with two vital weapons.

Our IT Ecosystem, MiWorld, provides our advisers with a single view of each customer or supporter’s entire history across every channel, with the ability to leave notes for future conversations. This enables us to provide tailored responses that meet their exact needs.

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Moreover, communication isn't channel specific. It could be following a webchat with an email, moving across social channels, or going old school and picking up the phone; MiWorld combines this into one conversation. Using the Profile Aggregation feature, all contacts from a single sender are applied a unique identifier so that they can be collected into a single interaction. This prevents duplicated workloads and gives our agents everything they need to resolve the question the first time.

At Mosaic, we don’t believe in standing still. Our technology, underpinned by MiWorld, is constantly improving through our fortnightly product updates.

By partnering with Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions for your omnichannel response management, you will always be at the cutting edge.

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Our Channels

Mosaic can handle your communications through a variety of channels, from phone calls to social media messaging services. Whatever channel we are using to communicate with your customers or supporters, we keep them connected 24/7. Our omnichannel solutions allow us to provide them with a personal response quickly and efficiently. Find out more about what we can do for you through our channels below.


Voice is still the most preferred communication channel for customers and supporters. Gain their loyalty by delivering positive experiences through quick access to a live agent for two-way conversations in situations that are complex, urgent, or emotional.

‘Listen’ for key events in social media and respond quickly to comments and issues posted on Twitter, Facebook, and more. Take personal conversations offline for problem solving and to allow appropriate interactions with customers and supporters.

Live Chat

Interact with customers, prospects, and supporters through live chats on desktop and mobile devices. Create teams for wider discussions, share reports and other crucial files, and connect customers with subject experts within your organisation.

Your customers or supporters value speed and accuracy of information. With a filtered, intelligently routed email system, customer requests can be tracked from submission to resolution. This can help to increase response time, decrease errors, and boost agent productivity.


Over half of your customers or supporters use their mobile phone for most interactions, primarily communicating via text. SMS-based support will allow them to bypass lengthy IVRs and reach an agent directly. With text-based support, customer or supporter engagement can be as real-time as a voice call and still be simple enough to integrate itself into modern-day life. Ultimately, faster response times and more engagement means more satisfied, loyal customers and supporters.


MiWorld, developed by Mosaic, is an IT Ecosystem which has been designed around our fulfilment solutions for charities and eCommerce brands. Our systems help us to deliver flexible results for your organisation, efficiently and within budget.


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