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Goods in is the first step in the order fulfilment process. We know how important it is to get it right.

When you send your inventory to a fulfilment warehouse like ours, ready to be picked and packed or stored for future use, this is known as ‘goods in’.

You can rest assured that your stock is in good hands with Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions because we treat it like it's our own. On arrival into our clean, dry, state of the art warehouse, we count all items and check for damage, photographing, weighing and measuring each new product.

All stock movement is controlled using our intelligent mobile warehouse technology so that, from pallet to pick, your stock levels are taken care of and each sales channel stays up to date.

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How it works:

Booking In

It’s easy to book stock into our warehouse and create an 'Advanced Shipment Notification' using our online portal. You can book a delivery time slot through the client-facing portal at any time.

Shipping Stock

Once your products are booked in for delivery, the next part of the goods in process is to get your manufacturer to ship them to us. We use IT system-driven putaway rules to place stock in the right location based on size and weight, usually within 24 hours of its arrival.

Automatic sync

On our system, stock levels are automatically synced across all your channels, so you never need to worry about overselling an item again! Your stock levels are pushed through to all of your connected channels at regular intervals, saving you valuable time and ultimately leading to improved customer feedback.

Manipulated stock levels

If you wish to manipulate stock levels to appear as if you have a certain amount of stock available, we can send fixed low or high stock levels to all of your channels. You might want to do this if, for example, you are out of stock in your warehouse facility but have a ready source of stock available from a nearby supplier, or you are able to manufacture goods to meet demand.

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KPI Reporting

In order to gain an accurate understanding of how your business is performing, you have to know more than just how many products you’re selling. You must also have an honest and effective method of measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) such as the Goods In KPI and the Inventory KPI.

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