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Here at Mosaic we provide a fast, efficient pick & pack service to over 80 clients.

Keeping track of the orders that we pick and pack is easy with our automated technology. We track stock movement through handheld scanning devices and store the data on our online cloud portal, MiWorld, giving you 100% visibility 24/7.

Every item, location and trolley in our warehouse is identifiable by a unique barcode, so our fully trained team can track orders at every stage of the fulfilment process. If a scan fails, an order cannot progress, ensuring almost total accuracy. Many years of experience in this industry twinned with our internal processes has enabled us to arrive at a mutually sustainable cost base. Our operational ‘best match’ is eCommerce B2C brands that dispatch 250 orders a week.

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Pick Accuracy

Using barcode technology


Same-day Dispatches

of forecasted orders

Batch Control

Our batch control solutions for pick and pack include:

  • The facility to scan or log serial & batch info at the pack stage automatically when despatching an order
  • Provision of a batch code which can be shared across multiple units of stock, rather than a serial which is usually unique to every unit of stock
  • The ability to enable best before date tracking – stock will automatically get allocated on FEFO basis (First Expired, First Out)
  • Picking stock on a FIFO basis (i.e. the date in which the product was first booked into the location) if you have a mixture of stock in the same location with expiry dates and no expiry dates

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KPI Reporting

To make a long-term success of your order fulfilment operation, you should focus on a number of key performance indicators (KPIs). You need to have an honest and effective method of measuring these KPIs and analysing the information in order to gain a better insight into the successes of your business.

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