Omnichannel Customer Service Support


Mosaic uses an omnichannel approach, so all your channels are connected.

From order processing, to dispatch, to customer query - no matter how many channels the customer uses to talk to you on – all can be answered in a single interaction.

Conversations aren't an incident; they're a relationship. That's why Mosaic gives you a holistic view of all transactions through our MiWorld IT framework. Using our technology we can offer full visibility across every channel and every customer conversation. Learn more about MiWorld and all our IT solutions.

Today, our contact centre is much more than a call centre. We can provide fast, informed resolutions through social channels, live chat, email, SMS and of course the phone!

Our Contact Centre

We can take and process a customer order via our contact centre through any platform your customer choses. Our contact centre can become an extension of your busines. Armed with exceptional knowledge, we can resolve queries, provide detailed product information and help customers through to sale.

Our open API and IT framework give you a holistic view to automate tracking SMS, emails, manage and sync your inventory across every platform so our call operatives can never oversell a product. We are a turnkey eCommerce fulfilment partner and our contact centre solution is an essential tool in a brands armoury allowing you to keep your business fixed costs to a minimum and only pay for what you need while providing a long-term customer satisfaction and retention model.

Our technology puts you back in the driving seat to oversea your entire operation. Our sales and data analytics provided through our IT framework means you're always on top of your data, and real-time updates.

Omnichannel Customer Support


Voice is still the most preferred communication channel by customers. Gain customer loyalty by delivering positive customer experiences with quick access to a live agent for two-way conversations in situations that are complex, urgent, or emotional.

“Listen” for key events in social media, respond quickly to comments and issues posted on Twitter, Facebook, and more. Take personal conversations offline for appropriate interaction and problem solving.

Live Chat

Interact with customers and prospects through live chats on web and mobile devices. Create teams for wider discussions, share reports and other crucial files, and connect customers with subject experts within your organisation.

Your customers value speed and accuracy of information. With an email system that is filtered and intelligently routed, customer requests can be tracked from submission to resolution increasing response time, decreasing errors, and boosting agent productivity.


Over half of your customers interact mainly on their mobile phone, and primarily over texts. An SMS-based support will allow your customers to bypass lengthy IVRs and directly reach an agent. With text based support, customer engagement can be as real-time as a voice call but also integrates itself into a modern day customer’s life. Faster response time and more customer engagement means more satisfied, loyal customers.

More about us

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  • We operate a bespoke call resolution service. We fulfil this need by walking a mile in your shoes and work hard to understand your brand, products and business objectives.
  • Our contact centre agents will become an extension of your business. Armed with exceptional knowledge, they can resolve enquiries, provide detailed information, take payment, and help customers through to sale, all on one call.
  • We invest in your brand and our people. We have a multi-skilled team who work for numerous brands. What this means for you is not only can we offer excellent value for money we deliver exceptional service – with our main focus on being answering your customer queries there and then on that first call.
  • Our IT and tech solutions run through the heart of our business which means our integrated CRM systems, call monitoring tools, and agent performance metrics provide leading solutions that fulfil your requirements and help reinforce brand reputation.
  • Mosaic’s contact centre is open seven-days-a-week and built as a resilient mission-critical environment with business continuity solutions ensuring zero downtime.

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