Improve Customer Engagement with our Print-On-Demand Solutions

23 Mar

Our eCommerce print on demand solutions enable online retail brands to engage with customers in a more personal way.

Online shops are different from brick-and-mortar stores in that, once a consumer clicks the ‘buy’ button and later receives their purchase in the mail, this is usually the end of their physical journey with a business. Mosaic’s facilities help online retailers to continue the customer journey through the power of print.

Here are some examples of what we can do for your eCommerce business:

  • Create and install API workflows so that we can print personalised gift cards and match them to orders
  • Print full colour dispatch notes
  • Add gift notes and personal messages to dispatch notes at checkout (as standard on most platforms)
  • Create abandoned cart DM mailers to trigger automatically (also known as Programmatic Mail or Triggered Mail) through our MiWorld API network
  • Promote your business in a GDPR compliant way through Direct Mail Marketing
  • Create simple B2B mailings for your trade & wholesale partners to keep them up to date with new products or sales

Printed direct mail

What is Programmatic or Triggered Direct Mail?

Programmatic or Triggered Direct Mail is an automated marketing service that allows you to send personalised messages directly to customers. At Mosaic, we have in-house systems which can use your data, in a GDPR compliant way, to create automated printed Direct Mail. Our systems can use variable images and text, and every page can be uniquely generated based on data intelligence and known buying behaviour, ensuring your message is relevant to the customer.

Once it is set up, Programmatic Direct Mail is as easy as sending an automated email. This value-added service will enable you to leave a more lasting impression on your customers, increase brand visibility, and give you another chance at recovering lost sales. According to the DMA, Direct Mail also increases engagement by four times! If you apply a Call to Action (CTA) such as a voucher code, you will see a 35% response rate and twenty-five times the average return to ad spend.

Programmatic Mail

How does it work?

  1. The customer or prospect interacts with a web page, inputting their address details or logging in as a customer.
  2. This action then triggers an immediate Programmatic Mail response in the same way as a remarketing email is triggered.
  3. We mail out a pre-designed, bespoke, personal communication to that customer, which is relevant to their visit.
  4. The Direct Mail piece arrives the next day, or after a time period of your choosing.

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