Meet Ed, Our Head of Development

28 Oct

Fulfilment and Client Response Software Solutions, Designed by ‘Geeks’ For Real-World Business Growth

Mosaic is a tech-driven, highly innovative fulfilment solutions company founded in 2009 by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their e-commerce business. Mosaic also delivers client response solutions to help charitable and non-charitable organisations thrive and increase their impact.

Roll on twelve years and Mosaic has grown. We now have over 100 clients in our portfolio and many of these are household names whose online businesses have also grown exponentially. Mosaic’s success is your success!

As entrepreneurs, Mosaic’s founders have the experience and expertise to understand your pain points perfectly and they know how important it is for you to get ahead and stay ahead of the e-commerce pack. Mosaic looks to smooth your spikes and to boost your growth exponentially through its superior technology and proactive, motivated staff who are experts in the field.

At Mosaic we invest heavily in our technology: we have the latest warehouse management systems in place in our 150,000 sq ft distribution centre; we have developed our own IT Ecosystem and Online Portal called MiWorld™, and our bespoke and off-the-shelf SaaS products are written and managed in house by our team of 16 software developers based at York University Science Park.

Mosaic’s CEO Duncan Marrison said:

"My brief to our IT developers is quite simple. It is to deliver the best client solutions in the fulfilment and client response sectors. We do not just fix our clients’ current issues, we also anticipate trends and solve future issues which clients may not even have considered yet. We help our clients scale painlessly, insulating them from issues which we know would otherwise affect their growth and profitability."

Duncan Marrison Mosaic CEO Headshot

Duncan Marrison

Chief Executive Officer

But don’t just take our word for it. We visited the IT Developer team recently on York University’s campus to see what they had to say about their work. Interestingly, we spoke to each of them separately without revealing the questions beforehand. The uniformity of their responses was fascinating, revealing a team whose values, purpose, vision and drive were totally aligned.

Did they speak in ‘geek’? No. Did they think outside the box? Most definitely. Were they real-world human beings and not IT machines? Absolutely. In this blog, one of a series, we catch up with Ed, Head of Development. Read on to discover more.

“The Resolution team fixes our clients’ everyday issues…”

We are split into three sub-teams here in The Catalyst so that we can focus in granular detail on our clients’ different needs:

  1. The Enhancements team delivers a smooth onboarding journey for the client, working in conjunction with our other experts in the business to ensure a smooth transition and a flying start. 
  2. The Resolution team fixes a clients everyday issues. The role involves fixing real-world, live issues and front-facing client contact. This team’s biggest challenge is correctly interpreting the issue so that the best fix is applied. This requires commercial astuteness, flexible thinking, great communication skills and a ‘big business’ mindset.
  3. The Innovation team works on our IT Ecosystem and Online Portal MiWorld™, developing superior, high-level software solutions designed with our clients’ needs in mind.
Ed cropped


Head of Development

Ed’s Commercial Background:

I have a degree in computing and, before moving to Mosaic four years ago, I worked in a range of fast-moving industries including fast foods and fast fashion. As an SQL developer, I have a solid foundation in providing data-driven commercial solutions to fast-paced companies including Boohoo, XCM and Great Rail Journeys. The work was speedy, with crazy volumes.

I joined Mosaic as a developer and was quickly promoted to Lead Developer, then Head of Development – my current position.

The Bridge Between Development and Business Needs:

My job is to interpret a clients business needs and to deliver IT developments which meet those needs. This can involve translating innovative concepts into plain English so the client can understand, embrace and capitalize upon the benefits and end-results our technology delivers.

What Makes Mosaic Better Than Its Competitors:

  •  Our technology is cutting edge. We are best in class at every touchpoint, our provision is comprehensive and we are way ahead of the curve
  •  Flexibility is built into our teams and our thinking
  •  We are more than a fulfilment solutions and client response company; we deliver superior data analytics, insights and reporting to our clients via our own IT ecosystem MiWorld™ and online Customer Portal

How Mosaic’s Approach Benefits the Client:

  • State-of-the-art, off-the-shelf standardised packages
  • Our product-driven development provides value for money and is fast to implement
  • Bespoke packages are possible in addition to off-the-shelf
  • Understanding future trends is our business. We constantly monitor the market and remove potential obstacles before they get the chance to affect the clients business. We solve future problems before clients realise they even existed
What Ed likes most about Mosaic: 

Mosaic has mushroomed in the four years I have worked there. Opportunities for me to grow my career have been incredible. It’s also been excellent for my personal growth.

The team and I thrive on the fast pace and positive pressure. The amount of development work I can achieve and get actioned is amazing. It’s not just about talk, in this job I have learned by doing and delivering.

The business is there and there is always work to be done. We never rest on our laurels.

I feel lucky to have visibility and recognition for a job well done and I do feel appreciated. I have been given the exposure, responsibility, and accountability to go with this. 

I am clear on how I deliver return on investment to Mosaic and our clients, and that gives me great job satisfaction.

My colleagues help me succeed – we work hard, we play hard. We’re a team. We whiteboard problems and we get into each other’s heads! We play board games every Wednesday after work too, and this activity has helped build and cement our positive culture and professional relationship as a team.

Ed’s USP:

I’m a good communicator with a solid commercial background and this informs the way I head up the team. I understand business needs and the quick wins needed to bring return on investment to the client quickly.

What makes Ed ‘Ed’:

My passion in life is dogs! My mum has several show dogs including three German short-haired pointers, 2 Labradors and 1 Rottweiler.

It is a joke in our family that my mum had children to look after the dogs.

For more information on our software solutions for e-commerce and client response, please contact us today on

Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions, York House, Wetherby Road, York YO26 7NH



Tel: 01904 202140

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If it moves fast, we’ll fulfil it and fast. Our pick accuracy rate is 99.99% and same-day dispatch rate 99.99% . From alcohol to vitamins to zen yoga products, we cover the whole alphabet of fast-moving consumer goods, delighting your customers as well as your accountants.

Vitamins, Health & Nutrition

From chewable gummies to protein powders, CBD oils and nutritional supplements , we’ll help you keep your customers topped up on their important nutrients. We are organically certified with extensive experience of handling vitamin products. We operate strict FIFO and batch control, allowing you to track and control your stock.

Shelf-stable food & drink

We fulfil a diverse range of food and drink consumables from our clean, ambient distribution centre for several prestige clients, some of whom have Fairtrade and Organic Certification. From teabags, filter coffee and snack bars to wholefood crisps, organic chocolate and mineral water, we understand how important it is to protect these goods, and we handle them with kid gloves so that they arrive in perfect condition. We specialise in handling glass items such as coffee jars and sets of jam too, using specialist packaging which ensures their safe arrival.

Hair & beauty

We understand that hair and beauty products are personal for your customers, and that they want their orders to arrive as quickly as possible and in pristine condition. We can personalise your product with our in-house personalised print-on-demand service or use bespoke packaging which is on brand for you. We have extensive experience of handling hair products and organic hair products including premium shampoos, conditioners, serums – also luxe styling tools. We also fulfil orders for many cosmetics, beauty and perfume brands.


Socks, underpants, sandals, shoes, gloves, athletic clothes, streetwear, hoodies, t-shirts – if your clients wear it we’ll fulfil it! We have extensive experience in this field, including specialist fulfilment for prestige sports teams. We even handle orders for pet clothing!

Stationery, Books & Cards

We know that your stationery and card orders need to arrive on time and in perfect condition – our clean distribution centre and immaculate packaging ensures just that. We fulfil stationery orders for over 50 clients, from gift packs, to posters, to pens, books, pamphlets and birthday cards. We even ship Bibles for prestigious clients.

Gifts & luxury products

Fulfilling gifting and luxury orders are our speciality. We understand how important these orders are for your customers, and so we ensure perfect packaging and quick delivery. We’ll collate kits for you, if needed, and we can use your branded packaging. We can even make it personal with our (in house) personalised print-on-demand service.

Pet products

From pet beds to harnesses, from everyday pet food to specialist worming tablets, we have handled it all. We can even fulfil orders for pet clothing!

Home accessories & small electronics

From mugs, teapots and room diffusers, to headsets, phone charging cables and specialist devices, we can help your home accessories and electronic online business grow. We also handle electronic games and specialist hearing protection devices.

Garden products

We’ll handle your orders for garden accessories and equipment, including garden ornaments, tools, accessories, floristry supplies - we’ll even handle your bulbs, seeds and garden gift sets. We can even collate bespoke garden subscription gift sets for you.

Personalised subscription boxes

We have seen massive growth in the popularity of subscription boxes in our clients’ online businesses. We collate and fulfil subscription boxes for several clients of all sizes, using highly branded packaging. We can even personalise orders thanks to our in house print-on-demand service.

Charity trading & virtual gifts

We are charity experts here at Mosaic and we fulfil orders for over 50 well known UK charities. We meet and surpass strict compliance requirements rightly demanded by our charity clients, including handling organic, vegan and Fairtrade products.


We are licenced to store and fulfil orders for alcohol products here at Mosaic, and we have done so for several significant clients for many years. We specialise in fulfilling alcohol subscription orders, and we’ll collate the bespoke kits for you if you like.

Toys, games & sports

We can’t tell you how many orders for toys, games and sports we’ve fulfilled over the past 13 years or so! One of our longest-standing clients is a toy company specialising in educational toys. So we know how important it is for these orders to arrive in time for someone’s birthday or Christmas. Our client list also includes several games, games equipment and electronic games companies. And sports – we have fulfilled orders for clients at the very top of their game!

Organic, vegan & fairtrade products

We are passionate about ensuring that our business is as sustainable as possible. We are certified by the Soil Association and we have FSC accreditation. We fulfil orders for many vegan, Fairtrade and organic clients, with years of experience in this area. Have a look at our sustainability policy too.

Advanced Warehouse Management System

Our Advanced Warehouse Management System ensures real-time view of every operation, including stock levels, incoming deliveries, outstanding purchase orders, allocations and despatch. Our Warehouse Automation processes increase efficiency, shrink labour costs and accelerate fulfilment.

We give you end-to-end traceability and visibility:
  • Third-party logistics customer details
  • Delivery method selection
  • Current stock levels of products available
  • Purchase order imports
  • Existing order history
  • Order tracking

Data is automatically updated and adjusted, ensuring fastest customer enquiry response and enhancing customer experience.

Our 3PL Portal
  • Fully integrated with our warehouse management software and management system, OrderWise
  • Specifically set up so you can log in, view your stock levels within our warehouse, book deliveries, place and import orders
  • You have complete control over your deliveries and bookings
  • Direct booking of deliveries, access to the goods inwards calendar
  • Automated delivery and stock updates, advanced shipping notes and stock reports
  • The 3PL Portal eradicates the need for time-consuming ordering methods like spreadsheets, as well as emails and phone calls going back and forth
  • Everything you may need to know is accessible within the portal

Video coming soon!

Medical Products & CBD Fulfilment

Our Soil Association-certified organic distribution centre has capability and experience in fulfilling medical grade products including pharmaceuticals, medical devices and PPE(personal protective equipment). Our processes include strict batch and temperature control to ensure that your compliance and regulatory requirements are met and exceeded. Our cloud-based software ensures total visibility, control and tracking around your Best Before (BBE) End dates, barcodes and serial numbers, so that your stock can be monitored and managed with total accuracy.

We recognise that this is a specialist area and we can (and do) build bespoke solutions around our clients’ specific needs. We would be pleased to discuss how we can help you in further detail. We can also handle the rapidly growing CBD fulfilment sector, whether this is in the form of gummies, tablets, creams, ointments or oils.