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13 Oct

Fulfilment and Client Response Software Solutions, Designed by ‘Geeks’ For Real-World Business Growth

Mosaic is a tech-driven, highly innovative fulfilment solutions company founded in 2009 by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their e-commerce business. Mosaic also delivers client response solutions to help charitable and non-charitable organisations thrive and increase their impact.

Roll on twelve years and Mosaic has grown. We now have over 100 clients in our portfolio and many of these are household names whose online businesses have also grown exponentially. Mosaic’s success is your success!

As entrepreneurs, Mosaic’s founders have the experience and expertise to understand your pain points perfectly and they know how important it is for you to get ahead and stay ahead of the e-commerce pack. Mosaic looks to smooth your spikes and to boost your growth exponentially through its superior technology and proactive, motivated staff who are experts in the field.

At Mosaic we invest heavily in our technology: we have the latest warehouse management systems in place in our 150,000 sq ft distribution centre; we have developed our own IT Ecosystem and Online Portal called MiWorld™, and our bespoke and off-the-shelf SaaS products are written and managed in house by our team of 16 software developers based at York University Science Park.

Mosaic’s CEO Duncan Marrison said:

"My brief to our IT developers is quite simple. It is to deliver the best client solutions in the fulfilment and client response sectors. We do not just fix our clients’ current issues, we also anticipate trends and solve future issues which clients may not even have considered yet. We help our clients scale painlessly, insulating them from issues which we know would otherwise affect their growth and profitability."

Duncan Marrison Mosaic CEO Headshot

Duncan Marrison

Chief Executive Officer

But don’t just take our word for it. We visited the IT Developer team recently on York University’s campus to see what they had to say about their work. Interestingly, we spoke to each of them separately without revealing the questions beforehand. The uniformity of their responses was fascinating, revealing a team whose values, purpose, vision and drive were totally aligned.

Did they speak in ‘geek’? No. Did they think outside the box? Most definitely. Were they real-world human beings and not IT machines? Absolutely. We started with Gareth, the Group's Chief Technology Officer. Read on to discover more.

Gareth is responsible for technology at Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions together with the wider Mosaic group of companies. This includes the team of 16 developers in the aptly named ‘The Catalyst’ at York University’s Science Park. Gareth has considerable experience of building superb tech teams with a razor-sharp business focus – the team members are not just abstract IT developers but are grounded in commercial reality and get the job done. To perfection.

Gareth Shares His Thoughts on Tech:

It’s 2021 and technology and business can no longer be separated. It is no longer the case of tech vs the business. Technology is now the business. Technology is the servant not the master, it is there to deliver return on investment for the client. Done right, IT development is not just about abstract blue sky thinking, it is blue sky thinking with total business-focus and real-world solutions applied.

When building an IT team, I look for people who understand commerce and ‘get’ our clients’ requirements and roadmaps. Our technology centres upon and delivers on these.

Mosaic’s business is entirely data driven. Our data mine and insights help our clients market themselves better, focus on business growth and save money.

Gareth O'Toole - Group Chief Technical Officer


Group Chief Technology Officer

Gareth’s Career History:

I graduated in Computer Science quite some time ago, and since then I have always worked in technology. I found academic studies frustratingly slow and couldn’t wait to get out into the real world to start coding!

My first position was as a software developer in London’s financial services sector. Working life was all about tenacity and drive, often working 20-hour days. The work was highly innovative, way ahead of its time, highly commercial – and cut-throat. It was a great way to get up to speed pretty quickly.

I then moved north to work for a large household-name charity, heading up their software development team and developing a new version of their flagship product and their CRM (data-driven Customer Relationship Management systems).

After the charity role, I was head of department in the travel sector in Leicestershire; this was followed by a position as business change manager for a not-for-profit company in Lincolnshire.

I joined Mosaic six years ago in 2016, and during this time I have headed up the evolution of IT projects, resulting in delivering technology as a marketable SaaS (Software as a Service) product.

During this time, I have developed automated systems resulting in an IT Ecosystem and online Portal serving a range of client needs. Mosaic’s banking systems has securely processed millions of transactions, ensuring accuracy and cost efficiency to the client.

Our products insights stack MiInsights™ and MiScan™ deliver a front-end response handling process including banking and controlled dataflow, with insights and data being delivered in real time.

MiCRM™ is another product we have designed during my time heading IT at Mosaic. This provides a 360° view of supporter interactions including third party information. This supports clients who work remotely to view their documents and retain control over all viewpoints.

Our insights stack MiInsights™ provides a mine of data due to the transactional touchpoints which it covers. In the case of our charity and commercial clients, we can provide insights on supporter/customer behaviours in terms of geographical heat maps, gender, consent flags, marketing campaign warmth, cost per new acquisition and ROI value. We can share the recency and frequency value of supporters/customers, also their lifetime value. This helps our clients forecast and plan their campaigns, improve their bottom line and grow!

What Makes Mosaic Better Than Other Companies:

Mosaic is fast paced and innovative. Our expertise is broader and deeper than our competitors. Mosaic does the right thing for its clients to help them grow as a business, whilst also looking after our own staff.

We proactively look for potential problems and obstacles for our clients, not only resolving them but also anticipating needs our clients don’t even know they have. We look at data trends and forecasts constantly so we know exactly what is heading our way, well before it arrives.

We at Mosaic are always looking for ways to adapt, improve, develop and grow. We do so for ourselves and for our clients. Our growth is our clients’ growth.

What I personally enjoy about my role here at Mosaic is the pace and continuous positive challenges. For me, this makes my work dynamic and rewarding. We are continuously creating opportunities and solutions for our clients. I love the continuous evolution process, it has great appeal if you have your head in the right mindset – which everyone in our team does. You just can’t stand still in this company – like the real-world, it is very fast moving.

What Gareth adds to the Company:

I am a passionate advocate that technology IS the business, not just an add-on to the business. Every SaaS product we develop for our clients must have a direct business value for several years to come.

One of my strengths is building fantastic tech teams who have a razor-sharp business focus.

Interests Outside Work:

I have lived north, south, east and west of the UK including London, Oxfordshire, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cheshire and East Anglia! I also have a house in the mountains of Slovakia near Bardejov, surrounded by beautiful forests.

We have two dogs, a Schnoodle (poodle cross) named Moose and a tiny Chihuahua named Oscar, whom we inherited. We also inherited a very cheeky parrot called Jabberwocky whose favourite phrases include ‘You What?’. ‘Goodnight’ and ‘….Off’. I have no idea where he got that last phrase. Jabberwocky can imitate people’s voices perfectly including the voice of his previous owner who has now sadly passed away, which can be rather startling at times.

For more information on our software solutions for e-commerce and client response, please contact us today on

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