To complement our eCommerce sector, we have built an IT Ecosystem around our solutions, known as MiWorld, enabling us to deliver a flexible system to suit all budgets.

The technical infrastructure of MiWorld supports our processes, seamlessly connecting people and systems to allow better collaboration and increased efficiency. Along with our people, technology is at the heart of our organisation, and we never stop developing.

When you sign up to any of our modules, you always get free updates which include new functionalities, pages, interactive components and security features.

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Industry-leading eFulfilment client portal which is integrated into our Ecosystem

At Mosaic, we do not operate a 'one solution fits all' model, in line with our overall company strategy. In fact, we are constantly looking at how to deliver value-added solutions. We understand that each client has their own criteria, so we tailor our eCommerce solutions to meet your needs through open APIs. We exist so that you can grow your business. Moreover, we know that if your business grows, ours does too, so it is a relationship built on trust and understanding right from the very start.

Our cloud-based portal complements our infrastructure, seamlessly hooking into our eCommerce integrations with all major marketplaces, shopping carts and courier partner plugins. From stock management to real-time fulfilment activity, the MiEcom platform delivers everything you need – right at your fingertips.

Key Features


Account Management

Client admin support solutions

Management information is not just about facts and figures, or charts and illustrations. The MiInsight module is part of a suite of products available which can be designed and tailored to meet the exact needs of eCommerce fulfilment brands. MiInsight makes it easier to manage above or below the line campaigns, track KPIs to evaluate campaign performance and improve response rates with segmentation options. A full list of key features is below.

Key Features

  • Bespoke configuration to deliver the reports you require, providing a holistic view of your organisation and marketing activities
  • Performance monitoring at a glance
  • Real-time campaign tracking to maximise income opportunities
  • Graphical filtering, by time frame, to compare campaign performance against acquisition costs day by day
  • Breakdown of transactions on a media/segment code level with geo-mapping
  • Paying-in slip transaction reports
  • Quick, reliable management reports

MiWorld is compliant to the latest standard of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), version 3.2.1., meets strict encryption protocols and is fully GDPR compliant. The MFS Group operates to ISO27001 standard throughout our operations, and we are also Cyber Secure and DataSeal Accredited. Within our Ecosystem, you can utilise our secure payment gateways, including Card, Direct Debit/Standing Order and market-leading physical banking processes.


Our solution allows secure imports and exports of data in all commonly used formats, fully automated and audited, with an optional module to allow clients to export templates for campaigns themselves. This is all made possible through our ISO27001 approved, secure Ecosystem. We are proud to lead the industry regarding compliance, within the accreditations, memberships, standards and the licenses that we are delighted to hold.

Mosaic operate the most secure physical and digital environments possible throughout each business area, with our memberships and accreditations reinforcing our position as an industry champion for security.


Customer Services

Omnichannel hub to support your customers

Our omnichannel software allows for better communications with your customers. Powered by MiWorld, our API enables you to receive messages from anywhere, filtering them into a single system such as your in-house CRM or Mosaic’s MiCRM. Please ask us for more information on MiCRM.

All the information you require is available in one easy-to-use platform, allowing us to deliver excellent communications to your customers through calls, the web, email management and social media. Our technology and integrations also help our operators to provide fast, informed resolutions. MiWorld connects all your channels, so no matter how many media your customers use to talk to you (or us), all messages can be answered in a single interaction, saving you money and time. Plus, this provides you with the added benefit of turning your conversations into relationships which build on your brand values.

This service complements our Customer Care Hub. Our fully secure, cloud-based solutions support remote or home working for our clients, both for processing in-house and by Mosaic. Whilst Whitemail rules and processes vary across all clients, Mosaic can provide our extensive experience to ensure these responses are processed efficiently and cost-effectively.



Insight & Engagement

Brand experience hub to add value to your organisation

The MiCRM module can be designed and tailored to meet the exact needs of your business to drive the best results.

Mosaic have helped many eCommerce brands grow sales and improve customer satisfaction by providing a holistic view. MiCRM allows you to integrate all your customer interactions, be it on the telephone or online, offering a truly omnichannel solution. The simple central system transforms your central administration safely, and enhances in-house team collaboration and efficiency.


  • Integration with telephone, online and omnichannel solutions
  • A centralised and single view of the customer – “one version of truth”
  • Total visibility of transactional information
  • Customer feedback tracking
  • GDPR consent preferences
  • Powerful API links & integrations

Through our MiWorld IT Ecosystem, we can make the power of print come to life. Our enterprise-grade digital print environment and associated data workflows deliver fully integrated fulfilment solutions, with the option to view the actual output sent within the solution.

The powerful workflows built into our Ecosystem drive brand values and make the virtual world of online shopping a reality.

In addition to our print fulfilment solutions, we also offer highly cost-effective email fulfilment solutions to support your marketing approaches.


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