Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions Launch Their New Website

05 May

We are proud to launch our new website Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions, together with our two new sub-brands Mosaic eFulfilment and Mosaic Charity Response!

Whilst our core name firmly remains Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions, we have introduced two sub brands Mosaic eFulfilment and Mosaic Charity Response to complement the main sectors we work with today, namely e-businesses and charities.

“I am proud to launch our rebranded website. At Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions, we are confident that we provide the most comprehensive range of fulfilment centre solutions and client response automation services in the UK, helping our diverse range of clients increase their profits through our innovative, tech-driven third-party logistics and automated support services.

Our client base comprises both ecommerce businesses who need lean, tech-driven fulfilment solutions to help them grow as well as third sector charity organisations, who need support for their charities customer response and trading work.

Our new website and sub-brands have been specifically redesigned to make our clients’ journeys easier and clearer, whether they are a commercial client or a charity, thereby making the customer experience smooth and painless.”

Duncan Marrison Mosaic CEO Headshot

Duncan Marrison

Chief Executive Officer

Mosaic eFulfilment

This new sub brand is the gateway for online commercial businesses who are looking for pain-free ecommerce fulfilment and client response automation solutions.

Mosaic eFulfilment

The new sub brand for our charity and third sector clients and is a gateway for charity clients to access information and services tailored specifically for them, including charity response and charity trading fulfilment.

Background to the Rebranding and New Website: A Potted History of Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions

Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions started life as a fulfilment house some 12 years ago, when online trading was still very much in its infancy, the High Street was kingpin and ecommerce was not yet a significant force in business.

Our founders, Duncan Marrison and Alastair Fell, were commercially experienced, innovative and tech-driven; they were also visionary and could see the direction of travel as the digital age continued to rapidly change and drive the whole way that we do business and buy products and services today.

Mosaic’s efulfilment centre has expanded exponentially from just twelve people in 2009 to employing some 300 staff in our state-of-the-art facilities today. We have a dedicated team of IT developers, an 80-seat contact centre and a range of add-on services for both our commercial and charity clients. From subscription box building to sending out virtual gifts, from banking and thanking to handling customer returns, we believe we provide one of the strongest, most compliant and eco-friendly fulfilment solutions in the UK. This was achieved through acquisition, referral business and adding several innovative tech solutions which our competitors simply do not have.

Our efulfilment solutions can help all aspects of ecommerce fulfilment needs, providing third party logistics, warehousing, pick and pack, print on demand, contact centre services, document management, back-office processing and more. We are Soil Association certified and, with us, compliance comes as standard.

UKs number one provider for Charity Response and Fulfilment Solutions

We first started working with charities in 2009. This was with Marie Curie, who remains our customer to this day. Six years ago, we introduced banking and thanking worldwide. We are now the UKs number one provider for Charity Response and fulfilment solutions, offering a wider range of services than any other fulfilment house.

We serve around 50 household-name charities in the UK and counting! Our fundraising services include delivering payment processing, response handling, print on demand, virtual and actual gift delivery, handling returns and providing digital services to the Charity sector. We constantly invest in our people, processes, and IT to drive the best value to many of the nation’s best-known charities in the UK today.

Our new sub-brands

Never ones to sit on our laurels, however, our massive growth and successful business proposition led us to review our brand names and website, to assess who we are, and to clearly define what we do.

Serving our customers and providing a clear and painless customer journey has always been at the heart of our operations and it was crucial that our website and branding reflected our business clearly. Hence the move towards keeping Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions as our umbrella brand whilst adopting the sub brands Mosaic eFulfilment and Mosaic Charity Response. Here are our new sub-brands:

Mosaic eFulfilment

Mosaic eFulfilment

We look forward to doing business with you – for more information please contact us here. 

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