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You spend ages waiting for a bus, then three come along at once.

This is perhaps the most apt way of looking at contact centre overflow, and why supporting your agents with adequate overflow services is a crucial part of dealing with the increased demand.

It’s often the case that increased call numbers will follow a major announcement and certain allowances can be made to handle this, but its unpredictable call volumes that could make or break a customer's experience.

Being able to effectively handle unexpected growth could be the difference between customer retention and long-term loss, but building, training and staffing your contact centre isn’t always the most viable option.

Mosaic understand this and provide flexible overflow solutions that not only support but enhance your customers experience. So that even during those peak or unexpected spikes your customers continue to receive great service.

Unexpected growth

Contact centre

Our modern contact centre is staffed by highly skilled professionals and can provide dedicated or flexible resource when required, ensuring maximum capacity is present and your brand values protected.

All supported through seamless integrations, data gathering and real-time call monitoring, our overflow solutions will delight customers, handle and demand and arm businesses with key business insights to shape future decisions.

Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions, operate a resilient, mission-critical contact centre environment, open seven-days-a-week and enforced with business continuity solutions ensuring zero downtime.

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Our Accreditations

Our commitment to doing things right is reflected via the scope and range of accreditations and industry-recognised memberships that we are proud to hold and to be a part of. In offering our range of fully accredited services, we seek to provide the complete end-to-end solution, ensuring effectiveness, efficiency and security throughout the entire business.

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