Digital Print & Mail


Mosaic know that print and fulfilment go hand-in-hand, after all, print was where the Mosaic Group started over fifteen years ago.

As the proposition has evolved it has become a personalised, data-driven marketing channel and with printed materials now heralded as the among the most trusted form of marketing, we want to help you maximise its impact.

Following significant investment into our mail and print services, Mosaic has gone above-and-beyond and created a fully automated, end-to-end variable print production and fulfilment environment.

Working with a trusted print and fulfilment provider can improve both brand perception and your bottom-line.

Optimised solutions

Simplicity and efficiency drive Mosaic and in utilising a proven combination of the Data Hub, file grabbers, APIs and reformatting processes, we’re able to automate data and document processing procedures, allowing for the creation of optimised print workflows and for complete print and mail personalisation.

Data can be generated from responses received and in-turn managed by Mosaic or via the client directly, creating a seamless, end-to-end solution that ensures not just accuracy and cost-effectiveness but guarantees what the recipient receives is exactly what you want to send, and its arrival precisely when you want them to read it.

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Our Accreditations

Our commitment to doing things right is reflected via the scope and range of accreditations, and industry recognised memberships that we are proud to hold and to be a part of. In offering our range of fully accredited services, we seek to provide the complete end-to-end solution, ensuring effectiveness, efficiency and security throughout the entire business.

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