Pallet Storage


Product is key, but its safety and security are of paramount importance after all.

When your product arrives into a customer's hands you want to be confident it does so in pristine condition. Being able to outsource your pallet storage could then be the difference versus lost sales.

Handing over your stock to a third-party is a choice revolving around two main arguments: space and cost. Outsourcing this requirement will give your organisation a flexible, spacing saving alternative at a fraction of the cost of running it “in-house”.

Being able to upscale demand around peak and factor in the associated costs gives those outsourcing an economic advantage over competitors. Those questioning benefits of it, perhaps do so on a quality assurance basis.

How a customer receives a product could determine how likely they are to use your services again. Alongside this, the shipping process itself, its ease of use and speed of delivery.

A Purpose-built facility

Mosaic is proud to boast over 100,000 sq.ft of modern, secure, warehousing space catering for devoted products and staffed by industry specialists all to ensure the utmost care and accuracy is taken on every product handled.

Mosaic host, purpose-built warehousing facilities, loading bays & industrial equipment, created to receive goods and wholly inspect on receipt to ensure quantity and quality control and help manage stock levels.

Located centrally between Harrogate, Leeds & York, adjacent to the M1, Mosaic’s warehousing facilities offer the perfect environment to store and ship products, whilst saving time and improving productivity.

Mosaic takes great pride in providing a trusted and professional customer experience, we are constantly enhancing our approach with new technology, staff training and ongoing client discussion.

Boxes on Pallet in a Warehouse - Mosaic


Our Accreditations

Our commitment to doing things right is reflected via the scope and range of accreditations and industry-recognised memberships that we are proud to hold and to be a part of. In offering our range of fully accredited services, we seek to provide the complete end-to-end solution, ensuring effectiveness, efficiency and security throughout the entire business.

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