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In 2019 Mosaic went through a monumental series of changes and LDC, the investment arm of Lloyds Banking Group made a significant investment.

This deal saw Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions separate from the Mosaic Group and onto the next phase of our journey and form MFS GroupCo which now unites our four businesses, namely: Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions: Telebank, CFP Lottery & Raffles and Committed Giving under a single Group company.

The formation of MFS GroupCo means that we are a significant supplier for the Third Sector, delivering response handling services and offering a total disaster recovery solution, creating peace of mind for any organisation who uses anyone within our group.

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Committed Giving

Committed Giving has grown from nothing to become one of the leading providers of online fundraising and associated services, practically all through personal recommendations and word of mouth.

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With 20 years within the industry; Telebank’s dedicated team are able to draw on not only a wealth of experience, but also unique and pioneering technologies to continue improving our operations; thus ensuring the very highest of service levels paired with a low cost model of operation.

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CFP Lotteries & Raffles

CFP Lotteries & Raffles are an incredibly ambitious organisation and their infectious energy drives everything they do. They're a team of forward-facing fundraising specialists who have an unwavering common vision to increase the scope and representation of charitable gaming within the UK.

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The MFS Group

Services & Key Elements

A snapshot of all the services supplied within MFS Group include:

  • 3rd Party Logistics
  • Personalised printing and print management
  • Web to Print and dynamic publishing
  • Fundraising and Appeal Campaign Management
  • E-Commerce and Online Payment pages
  • Direct Debit Management and processing
  • Web to print dynamic publishing
  • Full BAC’s Management

The key elements that differentiate us:

  • Reporting
  • IT Infrastructure and support
  • Account management
  • Project implementation
  • Speed & accuracy of processing Data quality
  • Market-leading capacity


Our Accreditations

Our commitment to doing things right is reflected via the scope and range of accreditations, and industry recognised memberships that we are proud to hold and to be a part of. In offering our range of fully accredited services, we seek to provide the complete end-to-end solution, ensuring effectiveness, efficiency and security throughout the entire business.

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